2023 Texas annular solar eclipse
The annular “Ring of Fire” eclipse will be visible in Boerne, Tx on Oct. 14 2023

If you’re looking for a 2023 Texas annular solar eclipse event keep reading!

In 2023 an annular or “Ring Of Fire” eclipse will be visible to the Texas hill country. An Eclipse occurs when the moon crosses between the Earth and Sun casting a shadow across part of the earth. With an annular eclipse the moon does not completely cover the sun leaving behind a small ring visible to those of us in its path. While the more anticipated total eclipse of 2024 is a darker full eclipse, the annular event is still not one to miss!

The City Of Boerne is expecting an exceptionally large crowd for the 2024 total eclipse with most hotels, vacation rentals and campgrounds already full! We recommend visiting during the smaller 2023 Texas annular solar eclipse. Of course while you’re here come visit us at the Hill Country Mile Rod Run. Held in downtown Boerne Texas!

As of this writing there are still a sizeable amount of rooms and vacation rentals available. We will be working with local hotels in the area to provide a block of rooms for participants in the Hill Country Mile Rod Run. As these rooms become available we will post more information here and on our social media accounts. If you are interested in attending, displaying a car or becoming a vendor please see our information page. We also have a form located here .

We look forward to seeing you at the Hill Country Mile Rod Run!!
Thank you


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